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Since it is becoming a common medical malady, it is important to be aware of the risk factors for coronary heart disease. There are a number of irregular conditions that affect the heart and the vessels supplying the heart with blood. Coronary heart disease is the most widespread kind of heart disease. It is also the most common cause of heart attacks.

Damage that occurs to the heart when the supply of blood is reduced is referred to as coronary heart disease. What normally happens is, deposits that are fatty in nature, build up within the lining of blood vessels whose job it is to supply blood to the heart muscles. This causes narrowing of the blood vessels and the resulting factor is a reduction in the blood supply to the heart muscles. This causes symptoms of pain known as angina.

Causes of Coronary Heart Disease
There are risk factors for coronary heart disease that are considered to be responsible for this disease. The biggest and most well known culprit is high cholesterol. Worldwide cholesterol levels in different populations vary quite dramatically. The Japanese population for instance, has much lower blood cholesterol levels and the rate of heart disease is lower. But in other populations that have similar incidences of blood cholesterol levels often have very varied heart disease rates.

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