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Metabolic syndrome is described as a group of medical disorders which lead to an increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, plus increases the risk of a number of other conditions. These would include kidney damage, fatty liver disease and dementia. It is estimated that 25% of all American adults are classified as being afflicted with metabolic disorder. While the typical cure, as with cures to many of our ailments would include a healthy diet and exercise, this does not always bring on wellness. We will discuss here several nutrients, vitamins and herbs that show promise in reversing the problem.

In 2001 the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel came out with guidelines that said that if an individual exhibited any three of the following five traits, they would meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome.

1. Abdominal obesity. This is considered the most important, and is defined for men as a waist over 40 inches and for women over 35 inches.
2. High blood pressure. The cutoff blood pressure is 130/85 and above.
3. Good cholesterol (HDL). If it is 40 mg/dl or less in men and 50 mg/dl or less in women it is considered a risk factor.
4. Blood glucose. When taken when fasting it would be 110 mg/dl or higher.
5. Serum triglycerides. A risk would be 50 mg/dl or greater.

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