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Healthy Diet to Prevent Heart Diseases

Written By: admin - Dec• 20•12

Heart or Cardiovascular diseases deal basically with the cardiovascular structure. It is the chief cause of death worldwide. It is estimated that people belonging to the age group of above 60 are most prone to diseases associated with the heart. It is so because; aged people have cholesterol issues, which increase with the passing years. It is also thought that men are exposed to a greater risk than women are. In today’s world, pollution also contributes to heart diseases. Heart diseases can be caused due to the following reasons:

• Hypertension: Normal blood pressure for an average adult lies between systolic pressure between 110 to 130 and diastolic 70 to 90. A person who smokes or is obese or contributes to any factor, causing blockade of vessels may suffer from High Blood Pressure.

• Unhealthy eating habits and Obesity: This is one of the main causes of cardiac arrest across the globe. Obesity causes increase in cholesterol levels. Fatty food sticks to arteries and nerves, which causes heart diseases.

• Tobacco: This is also a recognized reason for cardiac arrests around the world. Tobacco blocks nerves, which makes the body insufficient for carrying oxygen to the whole body.

Other sources of heart diseases may be heredity, lack of exercise, emotional stress, high fat diet, birth control pills, alcohol etc.

Heart diseases can be prevented by adopting preventive measures. Healthy eating habits are the most vital step to be adopted. To snack or eat unhealthy food is the major cause for heart attacks and diseases. Various diet charts can be available online or through consultation with your physician.

People suffering from Hypertension should eat food, which prevents hypertension. They should avoid foods, which are high in cholesterol, salt and fat. People prone to heart diseases should have certain compulsory components in their diet like fruits, vegetables, pulses, grams and dairy products which have lower fat content. One should look for “partially hydrogenated” food. This type of food prevents accumulation trans-fat. Poly-unsaturated fat might reduce the risk of heart attacks and lower blood pressure. This type of fat is available in nuts like walnuts and almonds, and they should be accompanied with pulses and grams. Some steps should be kept in mind, when one is managing his /her diet to prevent heart attack.

Some of them are:

• Control on the amount of food: One should not overload the plate with all the food he likes to eat. There should always be a concerted effort to eat less and healthy. Always keep a check on the number or amount of servings.

• Consuming fruits and vegetables: A person who wishes to take preventive methods should always promote vegetarianism. Eating meat causes heart risk, because it contains a high amount of cholesterol and fat. Fresh and low sodium fruits and vegetables should be preferred. Frozen fruit juice can also be substituted.

• Consumption of whole grain and pulses: Grains like Oats, Whole-wheat flour, barley etc. should be chosen. Such grains provide the right amount of protein that is required.

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