Due to high pollution rate and hectic routine life, the number of heart patients increases day by day. Still people are not aware of the different heart problems. Nowadays, people are suffering from various types of heart disease. If you will search online, you will surely get valuable information about this topic. Recently, in all over world, Coronary heart disease is spreading rapidly. It refers to the failure of the coronary circulation. This circulation is important for cardiac muscle and surrounding tissue. The accumulation of Atheromatous plaques within the walls of the arteries causes Coronary artery disease. The symptoms of this coronary heart disease are Angina Pectoris means chest pain and myocardial infarction that is heart attack. Valvular heart disease affects different areas of the heart. The types of heart disease are depends upon the affected area. During disease, heart chambers, heart valves or heart lining May affected. There are more than 50 different types of heart problems. With the proper treatment and care, these diseases are curable. But you have to be aware of all these major diseases.

Cardiomyopathy is comes under types of heart disease. In this disease, function of heart muscle gets affected. Patients who are suffering from this problem are at risk of arrhythmia and even sudden cardiac death. Cardiovascular disease affects the heart itself or the blood vessel system, especially, the arteries and veins. It is leading through the heart. In women, blood vessel affects badly. On the other hand, in men this disease causes heart muscle. Ischaemic is another type of heart disease. It reduces blood supply to the organs. The disease like heart failure is also known as congestive heart failure. Due to structural and functional cardiac disorder, this disease cause. Sometimes, it leads to the heart and even body’s failure. Regular exercise and good health diet help to keep you away from these all these diseases. It helps to decrease cholesterol level, hypertension and diabetes. It enhances the circulation and sluggish metabolism.

Breast cancer in another dangerous disease and the number of patients increases regularly. If there are outward signs of breast cancer, the most common ones are lump and a dimple in the breast. Sometimes, the area of breast becomes thick. Very rare signs include redness or an enlarged underarm lymph node and breast swelling. There are specific symptoms of breast cancer like nipple changes, cysts and breast pain. One familiar sign is blood stained discharge from the patient’s nipple. During this type of cancer, the size and shape of the breast is changes. Many patients see rash on a nipple or on a surrounding area. Breast cancer can cause at any age. Specially, after pregnancy the chances of breast cancer are increase. Every time it doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. So, it’s better if you consult your doctor after seeing any signs of breast cancer. Always remember that these diseases are curable at early stages. Don’t forget, healthy heart makes your life healthy and perfect.

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